Thinking of buying a Kindle  but not sure which model ? In this comparison  we list the differences between the versions sold in Brazil, the basic Kindle, Paperwhite  and Oasis. See what price and which would best fit your profile.

Kindle Oasis 2019 next to a second-generation Kindle Paperwhite

In this comparison, we select only the current Amazon e-reader models officially sold in Brazil. Any other previous model came out of the comparison for just reasons: price and purchase availability.

Obviously the best Kindle model is the most expensive, currently the Kindle Oasis. However there are people who do not need so much potential in a book reader and, considering the cost benefit, the trophy is not the most expensive, but one that meets all the needs.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2019)

All Kindle models offer a good reading experience with the e-ink touch screen. This type of screen mimics paper and only consumes energy with each update in the magnetic process that alters the pigmentation of the spheres that make up the screen.

In addition, reading on Kindle is more comfortable than reading on cell phones and tablets because light is not directed toward the eye and is not so reflected in the light.

Given that, what is the screen of the three like? Well, since all models have built-in lighting (which didn’t exist in the baseline) there are comparisons about screen resolution and screen size.

What does that mean?

As much as all Amazon digital book readers now have lighting, the more expensive models gain in resolution when compared to basic.

This means that in the basic model the pixels of text, graphics and other images may be more noticeable. This doesn’t hurt reading, but if you’re a more demanding user, it can be a nuisance.

Similarly is enlightenment. The more expensive model has a better light distribution and just that. In the basics you can see some shadows for lack of lighting, but nothing that makes reading in the dark impossible.

Blue light versus yellow light

Kindle Oasis is the only one of the three that has lighting temperature adjustment. Considering that the illumination of a reading screen will be for use at night (perhaps in bed before bedtime), preferring a yellow light to a blue light will be less detrimental to sleep.

Internal storage

Admittedly, eBooks do not consume much storage, in rare cases reaching more than 4 MB for a digital book. Thus 4 GB (approximately 4,096 MB) would be enough to carry a huge library in the backpack without weighing anything else for it.

But why offer models with space for 32 GB storage?

Through Kindle you can play audiobooks from Audible, also from Amazon. As much as the service is not yet available in Brazil, some e-reader users make use of it with a US account. For this reason it is justified to buy a Kindle with larger storage.

The options in this regard are:

  • Kindle Basic: 4GB;
  • Kindle Paperwhite: 8 GB or 32 GB;
  • Kindle Oasis: 8 GB or 32 GB.

Remembering  that the Kindle must have Bluetooth to connect to wireless headsets, as there is no conventional headphone jack. The Paperwhite and Oasis models are the only ones with the feature in Brazil.


The basic Kindle is the only one in the entire line that, besides black, has a white color option.

In that regard, well, it is no longer necessary to count as a deciding factor. All models have long battery life. Amazon itself has failed to indicate the exact amount of battery life on the models, now only indicating “weeks” for durability.

The battery of a Kindle actually lasts for weeks, varying according to usage settings such as airplane mode and brightness level. After that, it only takes a few hours to fully recharge. You can be sure that the battery is the least concern for a Kindle.

Colors, body and protection

Kindles have gone through a lot of design overhauls and yet are lighter than most physical books.

The basic model and Paperwhite are physically similar. Kindle Oasis is a little different from the ordinary. The latter has a thicker body on one side, which makes the grip better; It also has two physical buttons to switch between pages to avoid touching the screen (some prefer, like me).

Note that the longer part has an outward curvature that helps in positioning the fingers.

Note that one side has an outward curvature that aids in finger placement

Paperwhite and Oasis also have freshwater resistance  ( IPX8 ) and can be submerged up to 2 meters deep for 60 minutes.

It may not be so common to read by the pool, jacuzzi, bathtub or even under the shower, but it is more common to have a coffee while reading. Disastrous people appreciate this extra protection.


We come to the deciding factor when choosing which Kindle to buy:

  • Basic Kindle costs $ 349;
  • 8GB Kindle Paperwhite costs $ 499, while 32GB Paperwhite costs $ 649;
  • Kindle Oasis 8 GB costs $ 1,149, while 32 GB costs $ 1,299.

Some people still resist paying 349 reais for a read-only device, who will say 1,149 reais. This does not mean that there is no public.

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And then, which Kindle to buy?

We have selected Kindle Paperwhite as the most cost-effective option in the Amazon e-reader line.

However, this choice of which Kindle to buy depends on each person, their reading profile, and how much they are willing to pay for a single-task device.

If you want to take a risk and have never tried a Kindle, the basics should be fine.

If you read a lot, consider paying a little more for the comfort of the screen, with higher resolution and better lighting.

If you have plenty of money and love (digital) books, Oasis will be very pleased, especially for the design that favors the grip and the larger screen.