LG’s LCD TVs with LCD panel are priced from $ 3,199 to $ 29,999, with sizes up to 86 inches

The LG renewed its line of 4K TVs with LCD panel. The models continue to be divided into two families: the more affordable UM with sizes from 55 to 75 inches; and SM, also called NanoCell, which offers a wide range of colors.

What’s new in LG’s basic line of TVs in 2019 is that all models come with the Smart Magic remote control, which serves as a mouse to navigate the webOS interface. In the 2018 UK series, the accessory was much more restricted: even the huge 86-inch UK6520 came with a conventional remote control.

There are no major changes in image quality. LG continues to focus primarily on IPS panels with a wider viewing angle, which may be of interest to those with larger living rooms; In contrast, the contrast and black level tend to be worse than on VA screens. Televisions come with HDR10, 60 Hz refresh rate and 20 watt speakers.

The 60-inch UM7270 and 70-inch UM7370 models have VA panels, while the rest of the line is equipped with IPS. And, to show that size is not documented, these models have only three HDMI ports, while the others, even the 55-inch UM7470, have four (!).

NanoCell TVs get better processors

The NanoCell line brings together LG’s best LCD TVs, a step behind OLEDs. The company explains that “this technology enables the reproduction of a full spectrum of colors resulting in more realistic images,” and “1 nanometer uniform nanocrystals are applied directly to the panel to produce even more vivid images.”

It’s the same trick as Samsung’s QLEDs, but LG claims its technology is superior because it has smaller, more uniform crystals. “Also, instead of being in a film, the NanoCells crystals are directly on the panel, absorbing any light interference and resulting in much more faithful colors and brightness,” says LG.

LG NanoCell

But even on NanoCell TVs, there are big differences between models. The SM8000 and SM8100 even come with nanocrystals, but they come with lower image processors, 60Hz refresh rates, 2.0 channel speakers, no Dolby Vision and no Dolby Atmos. This is not such a technological leap forward over LG’s 2019 Ultra HD TVs, therefore.

Things are starting to get interesting on the 120 Hz SM8600 line, 2.2-channel Dolby Atmos speakers and a second-generation Alpha 7 image processor, an evolution of the chip that came with the LG OLED B8, which we recently tested. It uses machine learning to improve image noise and sharpness.

LG SM9000

But only the SM9000 brings the full dimming spot (FALD) to reach deeper black levels without harming the contrast – in other models, the lighting control is not as accurate, leaving people blind to see that episode of Game of Thrones. On the downside, the prices are much higher: at the same 55-inch size, the SM9000 is almost 70% more expensive than the SM8100.