New Sony Tv

Sony’s XBR 4K 4K TVs run Android TV and will be sold in sizes from 49 to 85 inches

The Sony launched on Wednesday (14) its new line of 4K TVs. There are three models, all of the XBR family, which includes the most expensive TVs of the brand: X80 5G, X855G and X955G. They run Android TV, and are available in sizes from 49 to 85 inches, with suggested retail prices of up to $ 35,999.99.

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Sony X955G: the most expensive of all

The X955G ranks as Sony’s best 4K LCD TV in 2019. In other countries, the company has introduced the superior Z9G models, but with 8K resolution; and the A9G, with 4K panel, but OLED technology. It is a successor to the well-rated Sony X905F, which impressed us by the image quality.

With sizes ranging from 55 to 85 inches, Sony promises X-tended Dynamic Range technologies, the brand’s beautiful name for full array local dimming (FALD), which controls backlight illumination more accurately, reaching deeper blacks; and Acoustic Multi-Audio, which consists of two tweeters on the back of the TV to deliver more immersive sound in Dolby Atmos content.

It also supports a calibrated mode for Netflix, which allows you to watch movies and series “just as creators calibrated their monitors in post production,” according to the streaming platform. By enabling functionality, Netflix says you will have accurate colors, correct dynamic contrast and no soap opera effect.

The image processor is the X1 Ultimate, superior to the X1 Extreme that powered the X905F with 14-bit color. And finally, there has been a makeover to the huge remote control that came with the previous generation: Sony says it is “revamped, thinner and now with the ability to control other TV-connected devices like the pay-TV receiver.”.

Sony X955G 4K TV

Prices are $ 7,399.99 (55 inches), $ 11,299.99 (65 inches), $ 19,999.99 (75 inches), and $ 35,999.99 (85 inches). With the exception of the larger model, which arrives in October, the X955G is now available from major retailers. It is expected to compete with models like the Samsung Q80R and the LG SM9000.

Sony X855G and X805G: 4K Premium more affordable

There are also less expensive televisions on the line. Both the X855G and X805G support 4K HDR and run Android TV 8.0 Oreo as well as the high end. This means that you can give Google Assistant voice commands and control your home devices through your TV. Sony says that “as soon as they are launched, there will be support for Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit.

Sony X855G 4K TV

The X855G follows the intermediate model: it has a backlit LCD panel (no local dimming), 120Hz refresh rate, X1 image processor, new remote control and support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Only the 55 inch version, with suggested retail price of $ 6,399.99.

Already the X805G is the most basic: it loses the dedicated image processor, has 60 Hz panel and supports neither Dolby Atmos nor Dolby Vision, but it is possible to watch movies and series with the HDR10 standard. Four sizes will begin shipping between September and October: 49 inches (5599.99), 55 inches (6599.99), 65 inches (7599.99) and 75 inches ($ 10.9999).