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Spectacles 3 is coming out for $380 pre-sale

The Snap, owner of the once very popular Snapchat, announced on Tuesday (13) the third generation of his glasses with camera. Or rather with cameras: Spectacles 3 comes with two of them to allow the user to record images with 3D effect.

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Snap Spectacles 3

If the first generation of Spectacles was far from successful, the second, released last year, does not seem to have done better. Perhaps that’s why the company decided to go further with Spectacles 3: the accessory features two HD cameras to increase depth perception in images.

The goal is to allow the user to create photos and videos with various types of 3D effects. Snap plans to allow even external developers to create effects based on the new feature.

The Spectacles 3 cameras are positioned just above the lens. The mode of operation is similar to that of previous generations. The user only needs to press a button at the top to start the image capture. LEDs around the cameras will indicate when a recording is in progress.

After that, the user can sync the glasses with an Android smartphone or an iPhone to edit the content and publish it on social networks, including Snapchat itself, of course. Just can’t automatically send content to the service: Snap says that technical limitations prevent this possibility.

By default, photos are recorded in 1642 × 1642 pixel format. The videos have a resolution of 1216 × 1216 pixels. The glasses have 4 GB of storage capacity.

Spectacles 3 is undeniably more interesting than previous models – and also weirder: this metal bar at the top didn’t appeal to me much.

Spectacles 3

But the real problem is the price: the glasses will be released in November, but are pre-sold for $ 380. That’s more than double the second-generation Spectacles, which was launched for $ 150 (and was already considered expensive).

The glasses will come in carbon (black) and mineral (a copper-like hue). Both versions have steel frame and adjustable tips, plus battery recharging case.