You are wondering if you are buying a projector or TV. Or maybe it's better if you have both? We go a step further and highlight what is important after the purchase!

Buy Projector Or TV?

At this point, it is not clear why you want or need to buy a new device. The question of which of these device types is the right one for you, you do not want to answer premature in view of the prices. For this reason, you thoroughly research the Internet, read reviews in various forums and even listen to the circle of acquaintances.

It does not take long and you are well informed about the devices available on the market. The terms associated with each technology are no longer foreign to you and you can associate them. The picture rounds off and you know the pros and cons, depending on whether you will buy now a projector or TV.

Inadequate Information

I do not want to belittle the merits of the individual devices or even deny the quality in this article. Unfortunately, one has to read very carefully in order to find, for example, indications of possible follow-up costs. It's becoming clear that our economy is very focused on selling new equipment.

Although in the technical descriptions of the power consumption and the lifetime of the lighting are largely mentioned, that is not enough in my opinion. Incidentally, the power consumption is relatively the same for both, so it is not crucial whether you buy a projector or TV.


In addition to the subdivision into the individual applications, such as 4k, home, office or football beamer, be sure to pay attention to the system used. These are not always equally well suited for all playback content. For example, while one is well-suited for sports or fast-paced games, prolonged playback of single images can further shorten the life of individual components (obscuration at individual locations).

Modern projectors offer numerous connection options. Before purchasing, please check to what extent the new device can be integrated into the existing home network or whether additional components will become necessary.


TV sets have been in (almost) every household for decades. Due to the installation of standardized components, the commissioning of a new device is almost without any problems today. Apart from differences in programming and tuning, an old device can be easily replaced. Many dealers also offer the first installation at no extra charge.

The prerequisite for this, however, is that the reception system is designed for the new TV. Not all include the receivers for satellite, cable and terrestrial reception! Please note this when buying, otherwise an additional device is required.

Service and Repair

Unfortunately, this aspect is often missed out. That is understandable! When you buy a product, who thinks about what to expect in the event of a defect?

Of course it is always annoying when a daily used device breaks down. But it happens. Since it is then advantageous if you have already considered this point when buying.

Unfortunately, there are significant differences between the two types of devices.

As briefly mentioned elsewhere, projectors include wearing parts. The replacement intervals are highly dependent on the degree of utilization. These include, for example:

  • lamps
  • LED
  • mirror systems
  • coated lenses

While it is possible with some technical skill and in compliance with some rules, to change a lamp, the other points are quite a case for the expert. Luckily, there are specialist workshops like our projector specialists , which can repair a variety of defects on almost all brand name devices. The good availability of spare parts and a wealth of experience in dealing with the devices are the pillars of our fast and successful repairs.

TVs have now mutated to carry devices. They are barely repaired, which ultimately led to the extinction of the profession television technician. There are two reasons for this:

Price: If you really want to buy a product novelty, you can dig deeper into your pocket. It does not take long, however, and this device costs only 70%. With some patience and before the end of a year, you can buy the machine for just under half of the original price. And most of that is not the end of the downward trend.

Spare parts: Unfortunately, the urge to develop and the desire to repair are unevenly developed by most manufacturers. A certain indication is the lack of provision of required spare parts, some of which are installed only in a series or even individual models. Apart from the fact that a storage would not be feasible for cost reasons, these parts are usually not available. The lack of schematics and manufacturer-side support rounds off this malady.

If the defect occurs within the warranty period, you will receive a new replacement device. After that you will be forced to make yourself a new device.

Given the pricing, the ET situation and the cost of a feasible repair is quickly clear why hardly anyone decides to repair his TV set. The impact on the consumption of energy and raw materials as well as on the growth of the waste mountain are obvious.

And What Does That Mean For Me?

Whether you now buy a projector or TV is still up to you. Maybe you decide for both, which can make sense. It is always important that you buy for current needs.