New Ipod Touch

7th generation iPod Touch has 4 inch screen and A10 Fusion processor; iOS device is sold with 32, 128 or 256 GB

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iPod touch

The new iPod Touch was announced in May as “the most affordable iOS device,” according to Apple. It just isn’t cheap;

As always, shipping is free, and the order can be delivered to Sao Paulo the next day. But why would anyone buy a 32GB iPod Touch for the price of an intermediate Android phone? And why does the 256 GB model cost as much as the Samsung Galaxy S10?

Worse, why does Apple sell iPod Touch without the plug adapter? It comes with EarPods headphones and a Lightning to USB cable only.

The new iPod Touch has A10 Fusion processor, which has performance similar to the sixth generation Core i5 and i7 notebooks (U series). Thanks to this chip, it is compatible with ARKit: it can be used in augmented reality applications.

This is the main upgrade; the rest remains basically the same as the previous generation. Retina display holds 4 inches; Home button does not have a fingerprint reader; and the rear camera has 8 megapixels.