Microsoft Display Adapter

Learn how to use the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter, the long name accessory that lets you mirror the Windows 10 screen on your TV.

The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter is a Microsoft accessory (thanks, Captain Obvious) that allows you to stream audio, video and picture from a Windows computer or compatible Android phones to your TV using Miracast protocol.

See how to confuse and use.

How to use the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

The Wireless Display Adapter (what a long name…) is a dongle developed by Microsoft that works similarly to Chromecast, but using the Miracast protocol for streaming images, video and audio. It is especially useful for connecting to older TVs, which do not have standard support.

While the device can be used as its Google competitor for movie and series viewing, the Redmond giant prefers to position it as a professional and corporate accessory, primarily to mirror the screen of a Windows 10 computer and make viewing easier. spreadsheets and slide shows.

Anyway, setting up the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter is quite simple:

Connect the two ends of the accessory to the HDMI input and a USB port of your TV, monitor or projector;

With the display remote control, access the HDMI output to which the accessory was connected;

The screen will display the Wireless Display Adapter screen with the message “Ready to start”;

On a Windows 10 computer, click the Notification Center icon and then “Connect”;

Windows 10 / Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

On a compatible Android phone, go to Notification Center and tap the corresponding icon (depending on the manufacturer it may have different names, from “Connect” to “Smart View”);

Click or tap the device option for the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter;

This done, your computer or mobile screen will be mirrored on your TV, monitor or projector screen.

And ready.


Although Miracast was developed as a “wireless HDMI”, it is not as stable for streaming audio and video. Lags may occur, which may make it a lower option than Chromecast. The official price of $ 349 also does not help.

On the other hand, the Miracast standard is compatible with a large number of devices (TVs, PCs and mobile phones) and is natively supported by Windows 10, fully mirroring the desktop screen and not just a Chrome tab.

Thus, it is a very interesting accessory for mirroring documents and presentations, which makes it an interesting productivity tool.

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

Depending on your use case, the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter can become a very useful accessory.