Even if the standby mode doesn’t run out of battery power, learn how to turn off your Kindle and turn off the screen once and for all.

Although the Kindle in standby mode does not consume battery power because of the e-ink display, many people have a flea behind their ears over leaving the Kindle in sleep mode with just a wallpaper. See how clear the screen and turn off the Kindle.

The basic Kindle is the only one in the entire line that, besides black, has a white option

How to turn off Kindle

To turn off the screen at once, just hold the power button for seven seconds and wait for the dialog box to appear on the screen. Then tap Turn off screen.

This will cause your Kindle to erase all screen content and not display any wallpaper, even if it does not consume power.

Why doesn’t Kindle use energy with wallpaper?

The e-ink screen, technology present in e-readers, consumes energy only when the image (or text) is changed on the screen. This is due to the magnetic process that forms the image.

This type of screen is formed by spheres composed of white and black pigments that are magnetically positioned.

When software requires an image, the hardware changes the order of these pigments to display the text or image. And that’s it, as long as the image doesn’t need to be changed again, there’s no power consumption.

What consumes battery then?

Because the Kindle is a simple device, focused on a single reading purpose, it doesn’t have as many background functions or tasks that consume the device’s battery.

Two main points that consume the battery

Internet connection: Kindle is not a device for surfing the internet, but it needs a connection to it to download books. Whether it’s Wi-Fi or 3G, keeping your connection up when you’re not using the Amazon store or upgrading your Kindle is a waste of unnecessary battery life.

Screen brightness

Having light to read in the dark is ideal. But the light does not have to stay on when reading during the day, in good light. It is worth turning off or reducing lighting when you do not need it.