Video or game consoles are now available in many homes. Users include not just children and adolescents, but people of all ages. With the high number of devices can ever be a problem on the PlayStation or the Xbox occur. In this post I would like to discuss the most common errors with video consoles and their possible solutions.

If the malfunction of your console is so great that you can not eliminate it yourself, contact our video console specialists. Through many years of professional experience, they are able to repair a high percentage of defective devices on fair terms.


It happens that an "eager" player loses his composure in the face of defeat and sends the controller on an unplanned trajectory. Or the console falls from the table inadvertently. But those are probably the rare cases. In general, PlayStation, Xbox and Co. are built very solid.

Subject of this contribution are the disturbances and problems on whose occurrence the player has little or no influence.

The Most Common Mistakes With Game Consoles

You will not be able to eliminate all the errors shown here yourself. Although in a slimmed-down form, consoles are very similar to a computer. Therefore, the same peculiarities apply. If you have no relevant experience with these devices, I strongly advise against opening the enclosures and making changes in them. The danger of generating greater or irreparable damage is simply too great. Please keep this in mind, although Internet descriptions and YouTube videos may suggest something else.

Note: Disconnect the mains plug before opening the device! Repairs should only be carried out by trained persons!

Perform Updates Regularly

A number of problems can be avoided if you regularly update the software. If you do not, this can lead to error messages, especially in the latest games. This need exists with all manufacturers. So it does not matter if you play with a PlayStation, an Xbox or a Nintendo. This includes the software update on the router. If you have integrated your console in the home network, the communication between the devices should work together. If that does not work, switch between LAN and WLAN connection.

Games Are Not Running On The Latest Firmware

Unfortunately, this error occurs again and again and he is known to the manufacturers. Do not search long for a defect, but look in the respective manufacturer forums. There you will mostly find indications that a solution is being worked on.

No Function / Battery Does Not Charge

The repair of external power supplies is usually not possible. For bonded and / or molded housings, it is also inadmissible. In the case of a defect, only the replacement remains. This is recognizable when the power or charging light remains dark. For test purposes, connect an identical power supply, if available. For mobile devices, even a connected power bank can bring certainty.

CD Drive Makes Strange Noises

If it is a new device, immediately complain it to your dealer. Otherwise, there is a mechanical fault that you must have rectified by a specialist workshop.

Disk Does Not Come Out

It is usually sufficient to switch off the consoles completely. Then unplug the power cord and wait a few minutes. Turn the console back on. Thus, you almost reboot.


These errors can be in the form of streaks, double images, or blurred playback. Turn off the power, unplug the power cord and restart after a few minutes. If the problem persists, disconnect all other devices connected to the monitor (TV) and the console. Make sure the display and console are operating on a common power strip. If this is not possible, replace the socket.

If this does not help yet, reset the screen settings and carry out a software update on the TV. If all attempts are unsuccessful, you must hire a specialist.

Game Freezes

If restarting the game and console does not help, check all cable and wireless connections, including the Internet connection. Make sure your console meets the minimum requirements (software and hardware) of the game. If the attempts are unsuccessful, uninstall the game and download it again.

Controller Not Functioning

In this case, the first look is the batteries and, if available, the charging station for it. Check the connections and restart the system. You may need to connect the controller by cable first. Next, make sure that the controller is logged in. The (almost) last option is to reset the controller. For further measures the parts would have to be opened, for which however knowledge about the structure and the function of such devices are indispensable.