You’re in the middle of the game and your gaming headset spits? You do not know if it’s on your headset, on your computer or the program? Today we look through common issues and how to fix your gaming headset.

First of all you need to make sure that the software, be it the operating system of your PC or smartphone, has recognized that the plug is plugged in. It may sound like a joke, but this is quite common, especially when the headset is muted.

On Windows machines , some sound card drives automatically warn that a connector is active on the 3.5mm jack input. You can also manually check in the audio settings if the volume is correct or if the sound card is active.


Noises, sudden cuts, strange effects such as echo or volume reduction can all be caused by poor contact of the connector with the input. Make sure the plug is fully seated. Some gadget entries, such as the iPad, do not allow the connector to be pushed completely, which leaves a part to show. This can be further aggravated if the device has a cover. In this case there is no way, you have to find the best position.


It is on the cable that most defects are usually found. This is usually due to misuse or carelessness. Because they are flexible, people tend to neglect basic care, such as avoiding putting weight on them or bending them excessively. The cable might look fine on the outside, but inside, if it breaks, it is gone.

With the cable, special care must be taken, especially with the part near the connector and the drives. To remove the connector, avoid pulling on the cable. If the handset is heavier, avoid hanging it.