Find out how to tell if your TV or mobile phone is Miracast compliant for video and photo streaming

Knowing if your TV has Miracast , as well as your mobile phone, is very simple. The standard that allows you to mirror the screen and stream photos, videos, and presentations is not supported by all devices on the market, but you can easily test them and find out if you can use them. See how.

How do I know if my TV has Miracast?

Most modern TVs have Miracast support , with very few exceptions. The best way to be sure is to connect both your TV and a Windows 10 computer to the same Wi-Fi network and then test whether your PC can recognize the device.

Windows 10 / How to tell if my tv has miracast

Click the Windows 10 notifications icon in the lower right corner of the Taskbar.

Make sure your TV, identified by model, will appear in the list of available devices.

The method of testing your TV with Windows 10 is guaranteed to work, because Microsoft’s operating system has full compatibility with the Miracast protocol. So if your TV does not appear on the list, it does not have the feature.

How do I know if my phone is compatible?

Detecting cell phone compatibility with Miracast is a bit more complicated, but right away we can say this: iPhones don’t support the protocol because they use the proprietary AirPlay.

That leaves Android. Google had included official protocol support in version 4.2 Jelly Bean, but removed it in 6.0 Marshmallow. Some manufacturers, such as Samsung, implement it on their own devices, while others, such as Motorola, do not.

The safest method of testing whether or not a mobile phone has Miracast is by testing with a TV that supports the standard.

Connect your TV and Android phone to the same Wi-Fi network;

  • Look in your phone (usually in network settings, or in the quick menu) for the screen connection option.
  • Depending on the manufacturer, it may have names such as “Screen Share”, Screen Mirroring ”,“ Screen Mirroring ”and etc .;
  • Tap the option and select your TV model;
  • Your phone screen will be mirrored on the TV.
  • And ready.

Remember that your TV must be identified by the model when trying to connect your phone to it. If another type of device appears, there may be a dongle (such as Chromecast) or set-top box attached to the device.