Samsung Powerbot VR7200 has power of 130 W and Wi-Fi for control via cell phone; see price and datasheet of robot vacuum cleaner

The Samsung Powerbot VR7200 creates a room map using Visionary Mapping 2.0 technology at the top, which analyzes the ceiling to establish the boundaries of the area to be cleaned. There is also an optical sensor at the bottom and a three-axis gyroscope that the robot uses to establish cleaning routes.

When it reaches a corner or wall, it activates Auto Shutter, a kind of shovel that creates a barrier to collect more dirt. And there are a couple of Easy Pass casters for climbing on carpets or running over cables.

The device has a soft, self-cleaning brush to collect dust without scratching the floor. A shredder in the center and on the sides can turn pet hair and hair into smaller particles so they don’t stick to the brush. The waste compartment is relatively small, with a volume of 300 ml.

Samsung POWERbot VR7200

According to Samsung, the Powerbot VR7200 can get under some furniture, including beds, by being 97 mm high. The manufacturer also says that this model has 40x the suction power of other vacuum cleaners, equivalent to a traditional vacuum cleaner.

Samsung Powerbot has Wi-Fi for cell phone control

It has Wi-Fi connectivity and can be controlled via mobile with the SmartThings app: you can turn on the robot, make it stop, change the suction level, set cleaning times and see where it has already cleaned.

There is a remote control that offers these same features. With it, you can use the Point Cleaning system: you point the control light in front of the vacuum cleaner and it moves to the desired point to clean it.

Samsung POWERbot VR7200

The robot also includes a Voice Guide available in 14 languages, including Portuguese, which informs you of your current status, scheduled cleaning times, and any errors. You can mute this voice or use sound effects.

He goes back to the charging base when he realizes the battery is running out. After recharging is complete, the device returns to the last point to continue cleaning.