The smart speaker market has a new deputy leader. According to Canalys, China's Baidu sold 4.5 million devices in the second quarter of 2019 and surpassed Google, which sold 4.3 million.

The result represents a growth of 3,700% over the same period last year. From April to June 2018, Baidu had a 0.7% market share and only 100,000 devices sold. Now the company has 17.3% of the market.

The growth was registered only with sales in China, the only country in which the company operates. And the bet has been basically on cheaper models, like the Xiaodu. Sold for 249 yuan ($ 144), it went on sale for 89 yuan ($ 51).

There are also higher priced smart speakers. One is the Raven H, which costs 1,699 yuan. All models feature DuerOS, an operating system installed on more than 400 million devices.

In the first quarter, Baidu had already surpassed Alibaba, then the Chinese market leader, and occupied the third position in the world ranking. With the latest survey, the company shows the enormous potential of the Chinese market by surpassing one of the most established companies in the category.

Google, which sells in virtually every country except China, also contributed to the feat. The company fell by 19.8% and its market share went from 32.3% in 2018 to 16.7% in 2019. From April to June this year, 4.3 million units were sold.

Despite the annual drop, there was a 25% increase compared to the first quarter of 2019, when Google sold 3.5 million devices.

With the fall of Google, Amazon came to lead the smart speaker market. The company has 25.4% of the market and sold 6.6 million units in the second quarter. In fourth place, Alibaba sold 4.1 million devices, while Xiaomi, which ranks fifth, sold 2.8 million devices.